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Foil Republic is one of the premium client of Crest Coder. They approached us to build a platform where they can add their customers and provide them the access to mobile apps to order their products which are specifically created for them. We have developed and maintain their website, web app (admin) and mobile applications which are built in React Native technology.

It has many in-depth features like live chat on the website, user management, order management, product management, logistic management for delivery of products, sales & reports and many more.



Admin has a privilege of creating a customer and assign a product to them. The customer can only be able to see and order the products in the mobile application which are assigned to them.

Mobile application will make the order process very smooth as the products are already defined to the customer users. So, their time will get saved as they don’t have to search the product from the entire list but only which are relevant to them.

We have used Auspost and Startrack for logistic management.These methods are assigned to customers for their product delivery.The admin has special feature of Auto Order, which makes their process smoother as they only need to select the customer for auto order, so the delivery will not get missed.


User Management

Product Management

Order Management


Sales & Reports

Live Chat

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