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Mobile App Development

Crest Coder is A Top Mobile App Development Company in India having experties of working in different domains.



We Think Mobile First

We deliver some great experiences to small screens to deliver the best outcome for your business. In today's world having a mobile application for the business is benefitial for both customers as well as internal staff members. It will ease down the process of paperwork, user can get all the required information on finger touch. Get in touch with our expert mobile app developers now.



iPhone App

Some of The Best Features in iOS

For iPhone mobile app development, we’ll be creating your apps using the Swift language as it is the latest one. Along with that we can also develop your app using Xcode IDE with the iOS SDK. Xcode supports multiple programming languages. That’s because Swift is a programming language that was created specifically by Apple for iOS and OS X. It is based on Objective-C but is apparently less prone to errors and more concise.

  • Cross Device Apple Sync
  • Data security
  • Very Fast
  • Swift Hardware Compatibility
  • Apple Play
  • Quality Support & Help
  • Timely updates to older devices
  • Nominal fragmentation


Android App Development

Why you should go with Android Development

Google’s Android is an operating systems used primarily in, such as smartphones and tablets. Android, which is based and partly open source. In that its interface and basic features are generally more customizable from top to bottom.

  • Open Source
  • Easy Testing
  • Swift Adoption And Launching
  • Many to Many Distriubations
  • Most Demanding Platform
  • Low Investment
  • Low Investment
  • Wide Pool of Customers


React Native App

React Native is a cross platfrom technology from which you can get applications for both iOS and Android. It require single code for multiple platforms. It is more popular among other hybrid frameworks.

The most powerful thing about using React Native as your technology is that you will require only single resources who can deliver the applications for both iOS and Android platforms. Get in touch with our expert React Native team to get more insight about this amazing framework now.

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