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Zegofit – App features

Secure & Simple App for Users

An App that will help thousands of people find the professional they need around their location. It has large number of trainers listing.

Diet and Exercise Instructions

This App helps you to monitor your meal plans, exercise routines and recommendations that the professional has assigned you, as well as the progress you have obtained in each consultation.

Custom Notifications

You can customize your notifications to remind you of the hours of your meals, the time of your training, how often you need to drink water, among others that you can configure.

Chat Module with Trainers

Use the chat to exchange messages directly with the professional and thus have the follow- up you need, have all your information at hand.

Web platform for Fitness Trainers

We have a web platform for professionals that will help you to have an overview of your clients and their progress. On the platform you will have access to multiple functionalities.

Online appointment

A user will request an appointment to trainer which Fitness trainer can manage from this Appointment management tool.

Scheduling Consultation

A user can request free consultation with trainer at any point of time. That activity will be managed by Fitness trainer from this web app part.

Creation of personalized plans

A trainer can create personalized mean plans for each of their clients. Trainer can also share this meal plans with clients in a PDF format.

Video Upload Feature

A trainer can create their exercise demo video and that can be shared with clients. We have used Vimeo SDK for this video management and upload feature.

Payments and Subscriptions

We’ve used Stripe payment gateway for seamless payment experience. Trainers have different subscription option to select from and based on their selection, they will be automatically charged via Stripe Payment Gateway on scheduled terms.

Admin Dashboard

Admin will have highly secure panel which he use to moderate core features of the Web App and Mobile App.

App Users Management

Admin can view list of all users and manage the view list via sorting by location, new/old, gender. They can also filter the criteria based on the age range and interest of users.

Web Partner Management

The administrator will see a list of partners based on their name, location and speciality. Admin can also search partners via specific keyword or location.

Ads Management Module

There are areas in project for ads which admin can manage from panel. They can view or add ads based on the sponsorship they receive from trainers. There are types of ads and based on their priority, they will be displayed.

Exporting data

The administrator will be able to export data from the following parameters: Database of partners & Database of users of the App.

Billing Transaction History

The administrator will be able to view the billing and transaction history for a list of total subscriptions, Transaction amount, See the date and time of the transaction, See the details of Subscription, Charged, Suspended.


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