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Interactive Dashboard

Customized dashboard to give dynamic representation of circadian rhythms in 24 hours and am/pm formats of time with different colors

Customized Alarms

Custom developed alarm feature for both android and iOS apps

Push Notification

Ability to set push notification based on selected preferences of rhythms

Top Node.JS back-end

Totally custom designed and developed back-end with Node.JS to provide seamless editing experience to client

In-app purchases

Subscription model of monthly / yearly / lifetime purchases for users

Learn and Share

Creative “Did you know” section where a user can learn deep knowledge about circadian and share them in form of image

About Circadian

Circadian is your app for applying circadian rhythms and living a more natural lifestyle. Circadian uses your local solar time and some user settings to calculate your circadian rhythms, also known as biorhythm.

With this app you can easily set reminders, notification for circadian events, adjust your sleep with seasons and also can manage your fasting cycle with nature’s pulse.


How it works?

black-circle Swift On-boarding process to prepare app based on your routine.

black-circle Turn on/off location service to auto update your location.

black-circle Circadian disruption is strongly associated with insulin resistance and obesity.

black-circle Dynamic solar property updates such as sunrise, sunset time based on your location.

black-circle My day screen will display users selected location name, current date and time on top.

black-circle Dashboard screen to represents each circadian rhythm as per selection by user. On top, a user will be able to see their current location along with date & time.

black-circle All rhythms have a dynamic settings section that links back to the respective notification / alarm page.

black-circle Easy searching options such as normal text search and tag search feature.

black-circle We have developed an offline app support feature for this app which will allow user to access without internet.

The Result

What Circadian Say About Us


The dedication of CrestCoder team was very impressive.

- Director, Circadian Limited

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